Customized Med Guides, CarePoints & Value adds!!

CarePoints- Increases medication adherence.  Messages are delivered at point of dispensing to motivate patients to fill their prescriptions. 

CarePoints offers customized content sponsored by manufacturers and messages that are tailored to motivate patient behavior through...

*Compliance & Persistency- keep your patients motivated to follow their therapy

*Adjunctive-educate patients about additional therapy

*Alternative-educate patients about therapy options

*Awareness-provide general awareness CarePoints offers targeted messaging to your patients based upon current therapy and prescription history. That means individual patients are getting the most relevant information for their healthcare.

Messages are targeted by....

*NDC *Age/Gender

*3rd Party *Rx sequence

*Lapsed use

*Competitive therapy

*Combination therapy *Compliance history

Medication Guides...

Provide personalized, current Medication Guides and Vaccine Information Statements.

*Fulfill and comply with FDA requirements

*Are printed for the right patient at the right time for each required prescription

*Are offered to you at no charge