The accounts receivable package provides for automatic charging of prescriptions, credit limits by household, several statement formats, an aged trial balance, optional assessing of service charges, and it maintains complete account detail of every accounting entry ever made to the account for as far back as you would like.


Customer Support

Our customers know we work hard everyday to exceed their needs and if we can help, we just do it!  You get a real person to answer your questions and walk you through any issues.  Our customer service is unmatched in our industry and we specialize in making sure the Independent Pharmacist knows they are the VIP with RxMaster.



The RxMaster Pharmacy system includes an elegant interface for electronic prescriptions. It is certified by SureScripts.


DME Billing

Process your DME claims using your traditional pharmacy system just like any other on-line third party.

- Assignment accepted by pharmacy or patient and payment remitted to pharmacy, corporate office, or patient.

- Coordination of benefits handled whether Medicare is the primary or secondary insurer.Other insurance amounts automatically reported to participating secondary insurer.

- Each claim is processed at the point-of-fill and the complete claim is captured.

Edits include, but are not limited to:
- Doctor DEA/UPIN/NPI number and demographic verification.
- Patient ID and demographic verification.
- Product coverage and automatic modifier determination.
- MAC price, minimum/maximum quantity verification.
- Diagnosis code to product verification.
- Coordination of Benefits, and patient/pharmacy assignment.
- Refill too soon and patient annual deductible verification.
- Automatic quantity conversions from pharmacy to CMS standards.
- Non-covered items may be submitted when required by state Medicaid.
- Date Spanning compliance enforced on diabetic and enteral supplies.


 We have developed interfaces for purchase orders, price updates/net cost, and POS item file pre-loads for most of the popular drug wholesale companies. By being able to exchange information with your wholesaler's system, you can increase your efficiency and profitability.  We also interface with many other companies to help grow your business, here are just a few. 

 - ScriptPro

 - Parata

 - Kirby Lester

 - Eyecon

 - IVR/OmniSYS

 - DisPill


 - iMedicare

 - Prescribe Wellness

 - ConnectiveRx (Med Guides & Care Points)


In Tune With Independent Pharmacy

RxMaster Pharmacy Systems is dedicated to providing the best pharmacy management software and services to Independent Pharmacies across the United States at an affordable price.  Independents are the VIP at RxMaster.  Our goal is to establish, develop and maintain a successful relationship with each of our customers.  Our focus is on the relationship with our pharmacies.  They know we know their name and they can call us anytime and a real person will help.



Our inventory control system is a real money saver.  Establish model quantities for your drugs and automatically generate your orders. Inventory value reports tell you the actual value of your inventory at an instant. Identify over-stocks on slow moving drugs. Automatically update your on-hands when the order is received.


Mobile Delivery

RxMaster Mobile Delivery offers convenience for your patients.  You can accept payment from customers that may not find it convenient to come into your pharmacy. The RxMaster mobile delivery module allows wireless payment and electronic signature capturing capabilities that work directly with your POS system.


Nursing Home

RxMaster Software is designed to....

- Setup multiple nursing homes.
- Maintain nursing home info for each patient.  Room number, admission date etc.
- Print special Rx label for nursing home scripts.
- Print delivery reports on a by-home basis. The nursing home staff signs the bottoms of the itemized delivery report, when the scripts are delivered.
- Edit/Print M.A.R. sheets for patients.
- Utilize Thermal printers.

Patient Care

As pharmacy healthcare continues to change, so will the RxMaster Pharmacy System. We were one of the first systems to include features like drug interaction screening and patient counseling in a retail dispensing system. Today, the system screens for proper dosage, allergic reactions and drug-drug interactions.




View and print all reports as many times as needed, such as, End of Day, A/R, Patient Insurance List,Top 200 Drugs, Profit Analysis, and Rx's Not Picked Up.


Prescription Processing

Our fast, dependable prescription programs have dispensed millions of prescriptions. Over the years, our pharmacists have helped us refine the programs to the highest level of functionality available at any price.

- Fax a request for additional refills to the physician with the touch of a button.
- Easy to follow Fill/Refill screen.
- Refill an Rx with as little as one keystroke.
- Search by name, phone, date of birth or Id number on patients.
- Search by DEA # on doctors or NPI.
- Multiple notes fields.
- Easy SIG lookup feature.
- Doctor fax.
- ePrescribing for new Rx's and refill requests.
- Internet Claims.
- Bar Code Scanning
- Imaging of prescription hard copy.
- Pharmacist verification and quality control.
- Security.

Just to name a few of our features.

RxMaster Point-of-Sale System

A complete system to manage your front-end, inventory, and cash. Built using the latest state of the art technology, based on Microsoft Windows. Speed keys for all functions, using the mouse is purelyoptional.

- Faster, more accurate checkout. Eliminate pricing errors.  Using state of the art scanning technology, scan items and prescriptions using the barcode on the prescription receipt. Handles Cash, Charge, Credit Card,Debit Card, FSA Cards and even split tender transactions.

- Integrated Inventory Control for your front end merchandise. Load price updates directly from your wholesaler to keep your front-end merchandise priced correctly, generating additional profit for your store.

- Generate purchase orders based on the minimum on-hands you set.

- Integrated Accounts Receivable System. Instantly charge purchases, make payments or adjustments to accounts.  Post a payment by scanning the return portion of the statement. Monitor the accounts balance, and limits before the charge is made.

- Flexible Security allows you to control who can perform each function in the system.

- Sale/Promotional Ability built in. Place items on sale for a specified date range.

Prescription Tracking allows you to know the status of any prescription at any time:
- Filled, and in the pickup area.
- Filled and ready for delivery.
- Filled and out for delivery.
- Filled and rang up at the register. Know when a prescription was filled, not in the pickup area, and payment has not been received at the register. Pre-Loaded with your items from your wholesaler.

- Easiest to use POS system in the industry at an unbeatable price.

Complete POS System Includes:

- RxMaster Point-of-Sale software package.
- Microsoft Windows workstation.
- 19" LCD flat panel color monitor.
- Orbitz, multi directional scanner
- Steel cash drawer and under counter mounting.
- Epson two color receipt printer.
- Case of receipt paper.
- Installation and two days training by our POS team.
- Complete POS systems ranging from one to twenty registers per store.
- Easy reports to keep you informed on your business.
- Know in an instant, the inventory dollar value of your frontend merchandise.
- Track fast and slow moving items.
- Profit by department, category etc.
- Sales analysis.
- Sales tax reports.
- End of day reporting for balancing cash drawers byregister by store.

Plus many more......
If you have a special report request, our team of programmers are happy to accommodate.

Options Include:

- Touch screen
- Bar code printer for items with no bar code 
- Display pole
- Additional POS registers
- Signature Tracking

Signature Capture

Signature Capture assists pharmacists with collecting patients' signatures for Federal and State law compliance.  It offers easy retrieval of signatures for business or third party audits. Developed by RxMaster and integrated with the RxMaster POS, Signature Capture is excellent for today's ever-increasing privacy requirements.

Third Party


New third party cards appear all the time. Our third party support helps you set up new third parties and get them working quickly. The system is certified for billing NCPDP D.0 and will submit multiple claims for the same patient in one transmission.  Decrease claim billing time with internet claims processing. Claims get paid in as little as 2-3 seconds, leaving you more time to spend with your patients.

Patients can be setup on multiple third parties simultaneously, allowing you to choose which third-party to bill the claim to. Programs are included to allow easy billing of workman comp claims and assignment of benefits, DME and HCFA claims.


Payments from third parties can be easily reconciled with our built in third-party audit system.