A Dose of Profitability

RxMaster Pharmacy Software “Acts like an Analyst” while it “Thinks like a Pharmacist”. Each time you fill a prescription, RxMaster is working to make every transaction count. As a result, your pharmacy will see a positive difference in the bottom line.

Special Reports 

Detailed reports help you see the health of your business. However, the RxMaster reports are something special. For example; in addition to the details you need, our reports flag errors. Then, generate time and money-saving advice on how to correct them.

A Case for RxMaster

RxMaster was purchased to replace a “Big Name” pharmacy software at an independent pharmacy. The final prescription for the old software was filled at close of business Friday. The following Monday, we deployed the RxMaster Pharmacy Software System. As a result, the total margin increased significantly.

Give your pharmacy business a prescription for profitability with RxMaster.  Get relevant up to date information with RxMaster’s business analytics feature and watch your margins grow. Best of all, our formula for profitability is built into the system and right at your fingertips!

Business Features

  • Profit Analysis
  • Third-Party Analysis
  • Controlled Drug Usage Analysis
  • Minimum Profit Alerts
  • Paid Full Price Alerts
  • Advance Profit By Plan
  • Advanced Pricing Formulas
  • Minimum Rx Price
  • Cash Price Rounding
  • RPMS Pricing Integration
  • Full-featured Accounts Receivable
  • Automatic RPMS Extract Reporting
  • Inventory Control
  • Wholesaler EDI


We understand the plight of independent pharmacies today. Fortunately, RxMaster can bring some relief. In addition to unparalleled support, we have a team of dedicated professionals passionate about your success. Moreover, we know the value of your time and the importance of having reliable and efficient software.

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