While Independent Pharmacies may be considered small business, their contributions and the role they play in their local communities is anything but small. They are creating jobs and opportunities, strengthening and building the local economy, contributing to local schools and teams and genuinely caring for those they serve usually in underserved, outlying areas.  Small Business Week recognizes the vision, passion and ingenuity of those who answer the entrepreneurial call and RxMaster salutes the Independent Pharmacist and their contributions to Small Business this week.  Independent Pharmacy Owners have passion, vision and a genuine desire to serve the community they work in. 

They take risk, invest and adhere to more stringent regulations than just about any other industry you can think of.  But most of all they care.  They typically know your name and many times the name of most of your family members.   They know you, your allergic reactions, your medication list and the doctors you see. They say hello and don’t rush you out the door.  If you have a question, they take time to answer it.  So, here’s to Small Business Week and supporting the Independent Pharmacy in your area.  Stop in and give them a try this week.  We think you will be glad you did!  Support an Independent Pharmacy this week and experience the difference a Small Business can make!  #SmallBusinessWeek