Our Company

Big-time technology, small-company service


Your patients choose your pharmacy instead of a chain because of your team’s personal service. Our mission is to provide you with that same level of service.

While the pharmacy landscape and the technology required to keep up is constantly evolving, we believe that the important constants are integrity, superior service, and a genuine interest in helping our customers.

We are committed to making sure your data remains private, to protect both your customers and your business.

We constantly improve our products based on both customer feedback and our own attention to changes in industry, technology, and consumer behavior.


In our ideal client relationship, we are on a first name basis with your team, and you are on a first name basis with ours.

We want our software to be an important member of your pharmacy team, that is always helpful, is easy to work with, and makes things easier for everyone.

RxMaster was founded in 1987. We have witnessed many changes in the evolution of the pharmacy industry, and are here for the long term.

The RxMaster Team

As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of your small business. As experienced pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and pharmacy owners, we deeply understand the unique needs of a community, locally-owned pharmacy.