RxMaster Pharmacy Systems,

It thinks like a pharmacist

RxMaster is designed for quick, easy, and intuitive use:

  • From sending an automated text to notify your customer their order is ready, to checking them out at the counter
  • And everything in between and behind the scenes, including conversion from a previous system


The RxMaster Pharmacy System thinks like a pharmacist. As an innovative and fully featured pharmacy system, RxMaster is an indispensable member of your team that helps you work efficiently and effectively.

Business Savvy

Detailed reports from our software helps you keep tabs on important information including inventory, third-party payments, and many other key pieces of data that can be used to keep your pharmacy both efficient and profitable.

Feature Rich

Innovative, time-saving features help you keep your pharmacy running smoothly, maintain compliance, document effectively, and give your customers the best service possible. Many of our features are also customizable.

Up to Date

Regular system updates make sure that your pharmacy system is keeping up with the changes and demands of the industry. Along with these necessary updates, we are always adding new features and improvements.

Cost Effective

RxMaster is one of the most reasonably priced pharmacy solutions in the industry. And almost every feature is available when you purchase our product without an “add-on” fee – the only features with additional costs are our Point of Sale System and a select few interfaces.

Independent Focused

RxMaster is especially keyed to the needs and workflow of the local independent pharmacy. Our personal support means you get your questions answered quickly and correctly, by a friendly and knowledgeable member of the RxMaster team.

Cutting Edge Tools for Today’s Pharmacy

Innovative, Intuitive, Time-Saving Features
  • Quick, easy, intuitive fill/refill functionality
  • Multi-user, multi-instance system – Keep your place while managing multiple prescriptions
  • Real-time electronic insurance billing
  • Quality control/workflow
  • Prescription queue management
  • Will-call bin management
  • Thorough documentation – Make notes on doctors, patients, and specific fills, all viewable
    from the prescription
  • Cardfinder (E1) – Quickly find, update, or add patient insurance information
  • Hard-copy prescription imaging – Save digital image
  • Electronic signature capture, with or without RxMaster Point of Sale
  • Sack-It™ – Group prescriptions by sack, text the patient, speed up checkout
  • Patient texting – notifications like Rx ready, refill due
  • Online refills on website or mobile app via Digital Pharmacist
  • Mobile delivery signatures via RxMaster mobile app
  • Drive-through and curbside signatures via RxMaster mobile app
  • National doctor database
  • National insurance plan database
  • Prescription price quotes
  • Automated PA requests via CoverMyMeds
  • Doctor refill and PA faxing
  • Automatic state PMP reporting
  • Controlled dispensing reports for wholesaler reporting requirements
RxMaster Point of Sale
  • Fully integrated with RxMaster Pharmacy System
  • Full-featured point of sale functionality
  • Credit card
  • HSA/FSA processing
  • Mobile delivery signatures via RxMaster mobile app
  • Drive-through and curbside signature via RxMaster mobile app
  • In-house charge accounts
  • Signature capture
  • Prescription tracking
  • Promotion management
  • Prescriptions not picked
  • Inventory management
  • Department customization
  • Customizable item file
  • Sales reporting
  • Tax reporting
    Business Management
    • Profit analysis
    • Third-party analysis
    • Minimum profit alerts
    • Paid full price alerts
    • Controlled drug usage analysis
    • Advance profit by plan reporting
    • Advanced pricing formulas
    • Minimum RX price
    • Cash price rounding
    • RPMS pricing integration
    • Full-featured accounts receivable
    • Automatic RPMS extract reporting
      Compliance Monitoring and 5 Star Rating Improvements
      • Refill reminder text
      • Auto fill / compliance search and fill
      • Last refill notification – be notified when a patient uses their last refill on a script
      • Mirixa integration
      • MTM outcomes integration
      • Comprehensive drug database provided by Medi-Span
        Clinical Features
        • Pharmacist patient counseling reference
        • Patient counseling printouts
        • Drug allergy alerts
        • Drug interaction alerts
        • Dose checking
          Seamless eScript Processing
          • Auto-populate eScript fills
          • eScript refill requests and management
          • EPCS audit reports
          • Fully EPCS compliant – independently audited by InfoGuard
          • Full EPCS Certificate handling (as well as SI flag)
          Nursing Home Functions
          • Nursing home labeling
          • Rx’s by nursing home
          • Dose packaging – Dispill
          • MAR generation – QuickMAR
          • Nursing home profit analysis
            Inventory Control
            • Current on hand
            • Inventory value
            • Wholesaler order generation
            • Datarithm integration
            • Receive Inventory by item scan or by EDI Order
            • Detailed Audit Reporting
              Wholesaler EDI
              • McKesson
              • Amerisource
              • LWD
              • Smith Drug
              • Cardinal
              • Morris Dickson
              • H.D. Smith
                Features Focused on the Independent/Community Pharmacy
                • We actually listen to you – ask our customers
                • Software enhancements, new features, and improvements every quarter
                • System updates quarterly or any time they are required
                • iMedicare integration and third-party claims features help you reduce costs for your
                • Customizable features
                • Label customization
                • 340B compatible
                • We keep up with all the changes and demands the pharmacy industry requires
                • Stable, reliable system is there when you need it
                • Local data storage keeps your customers’ data secure
                  • Amerisource – Retail Insights
                  • ConnectiveRx (Med Guides & Care Points)
                  • CoverMyMeds
                  • Datarithm
                  • Digital Pharmacist
                  • Dispill
                  • Eyecon
                  • iMedicare
                  • Kirby Lester robots and pill counters
                  • Medi-Span
                  • Mirixa
                  • MTM Outcomes
                  • Multiple IVR Systems
                  • Parata robots and pill counters
                  • Prescribe Wellness
                  • QuickMAR
                  • RPMS
                  • RxSafe
                  • ScriptPro robots and workflow central
                  • Third Party Station

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