Pharmacy Service

When you pick up the phone to get support for your pharmacy software, would you rather speak to:

A help desk representative reading from a script?


A highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, pharmacy professional who understands what you face each and every day.

RxMaster Service Highlights


We know you, we care about your business, and we understand your individual pharmacy.



Every member of our team has real pharmacy experience and is trained in-depth on using our software.



When you call, a real person answers the phone immediately and is ready to help with your most complex issues and questions.



We can connect to your system to diagnose your situation and walk you through the answers to your questions. We can also provide consultation and individualized solutions to help resolve larger issues.



We have decades of experience using our software system to pinpoint areas where a pharmacy can improve their efficiency.



We have been in business since 1987, and we are here for the long term. We value your privacy and your customers’ privacy.

Are you setting up a brand new pharmacy? Do you need better software and support for your current pharmacy? Either way, you can be confident with our unparalleled customer service. Our setup and conversion team provide hands-on support and training throughout the process.

After we make sure that you and your employees are up and running with your RxMaster Pharmacy System, we keep you updated on new features as well as hot topics in the industry with our regular newsletters.

And you can always rely on our customer support to be immediate, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Opening a New Pharmacy

Have confidence in your operations plan with expert, proactive customer support. RxMaster provides setup checklists, hands-on support for setup and training, and the seasoned perspective that can only be offered by a team with extensive experience working at independent pharmacies.

Converting to RxMaster

Have confidence in your data integrity, your ability to serve your customers without interruption, and your employees’ competence with our software. We work carefully to pre-verify your data before ever bringing it onto your new RxMaster system, then work side by side with you to approve your data before taking your new system live.

Managing a Self-Insured Hospital Pharmacy

Get specialized support for your independent in-hospital pharmacy. Your needs are unique, which means your setup team and customer service need to be experienced, flexible, and practical.

Don’t just listen to us… Listen to our pharmacists!

“I have been with RxMaster for 25+ years. There is a lot of software out there, but the key thing for me is customer service. That’s why I’ve been with them for so long.

I like the way the software is laid out. It’s just like reading through a prescription that the doctor has written.

They have done a good job keeping up with what all the different entities like government and insurance want, and I appreciate them keeping up with that.

Their team is just excellent. When you are in trouble, you want a quick response, and you want someone to listen and get things accomplished ASAP. Their strength is in their team and in making the problem go away.”

— Debbie Bastian, Debbie’s Family Pharmacy

“Great customer service, I can call RxMaster with anything. Anytime I need a report, they’ll walk me through it. My husband can be demanding on reports, and they always come through with what he needs. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Hands down, they are the most friendly. It doesn’t matter what kind of questions we have, even if we feel like it’s a stupid question, they make us feel like we know what we’re doing. I can’t say enough good about them and would never change.”

— Angie Reeves, Best Drug Store

5 out of 5 Stars User Reviews on Capterra!

Schedule a demo of RxMaster Products

RxMaster has all the features you need in a pharmacy software system. But great features alone do not provide true functionality. You need a system that is intuitive, easy to use, and easy for your staff to learn.

There are lots of full-featured pharmacy software suites out there, but ours was designed by a team with decades of actual pharmacy experience. Let us show you just how much our software thinks like a pharmacist.

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