RxMaster is looking forward to being at the Arkansas Pharmacist Convention next week.  Stop by our booth Thursday, June 11th from 6-8pm or Friday, June 12th from Noon-2pm and lets talk.  The Pharmacy Industry is changing every day and it’s important that you have a good system and a support team for that system that focuses on your needs and treats Independent Pharmacy like a VIP.  The fact is all Independent Pharmacies operate a little different.  Some focus on delivery, others nursing homes and still others focus on compounding, but most have a niche and cater operations to that niche.   If you need a pharmacy software vendor that will personally work with you and the needs of your pharmacy, then you need to talk to with an RxMaster Representative.  If you are looking to start your own pharmacy or at a point where the “pain point” associated with your current system has reached its peak, come talk to us at the Arkansas Pharmacy Convention.  We offer a great system, knowledgeable, personal support and a deep desire to see the Independent Pharmacist SUCCEED.  We offer free estimates!  And, oh yes our billing is straight forward, easy to read and affordable.  See you next week or call 877-433-7600 and lets talk!