Many successful Independent Pharmacies have a niche.  After all, Independents typically know their customer’s by name, their children’s names, and even their third cousin’s name.  As a result, customers feel confident the pharmacist knows their prescriptions and has their best interest at heart.  But in today’s day and age, it is not enough to keep someone coming back to your pharmacy. Join us in a series of articles focused on helping you find your pharmacy’s niche. In this publication we will discuss the niche of prescription delivery.

The Niche of Prescription Delivery

Focusing on home and office delivery can be especially effective niche for an Independent Pharmacy.  “We deliver even in snow” has a nice ring to it.  Delivering prescriptions is an invaluable service and it caters to a broad range of needs.

Home Delivery

There are multiple reasons why someone is unable to leave their home. Because of this, home delivery is not only for people who have difficulty getting to the pharmacy because of health. For example, there are instances when a patient may not have a car available or in the case with some elderly, may no longer be driving. A parent who has bedridden child may benefit from home delivery as well.  There are also those who prefer home delivery for pure convenience. Therefore, it makes sense for any business to expand to home delivery market, especially prescription delivery due to the personal nature of patient care.

Delivery to the Office

Another great opportunity for delivery is the workplace. More people are working full-time and dual income homes are increasing. In fact, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of homes showed both parents working full-time in 2018. Parents with full-time jobs and needing prescriptions are probably more inclined to go with a Pharmacy that provides delivery service to the workplace.  When time is shaved from the day with after school sports, meals and errands, it reduces the ability to do anything outside of a rigid schedule. For the single parent household, extra time is even more valuable with having to managing busy schedules with little to no help.

Getting Started with Your Niche

Most pharmacy systems have a robust delivery tracking and dispensing system within.  We suggest reaching out to your pharmacy software provider when looking to add delivery to your list of services. Your software vendor should be able to help make your delivery service a viable and easy-to-execute part of your business.

The Perks

Adding delivery also gives you an extra opportunity for marketing.  Delivery cars with your Pharmacy Name, Phone Number and website become moving billboards.  We live in a vision-driven culture. Delivery branding is sure to generate leads.

The Benefits of Free

Free time and money savings will perk the ears of anyone.  That’s why free delivery is a very attractive benefit for those with a busy lifestyle. We live in an experience driven economy and this in not only pertaining to unique excursions and opportunities. Consider that delivering something someone needs, with a smile, excellent customer service, and without charge is an experience that will have patients calling your pharmacy when needing this service.

The Delivery that Keeps on Delivering

Find your Pharmacy’s niche with great service and delivery and watch how it increases your bottom line. Find out more about our software system, service, and support. Contact us!