The Quixote Effect is a lesson to teach us how to slay “giants” in the world of Independent Pharmacy. The fictional novel, Don Quixote gives us a glimpse at the importance of aligning good intentions with the right perspective.  Let’s learn from Quixote, and avoid “chasing windmills”.

Independent Pharmacy and Don Quixote

Don Quixote was gifted with readiness to help those weak, ill, and in need of relief. Mounting his trusty steed and brandishing a joust, he set out on a quest to rid the world of “giants” plaguing humanity. As Quixote drew closer to the enemy, he realized the large obstructions were only “windmills”. Not the mortal foes he sought to destroy.

Independent Pharmacists like Quixote seek to help and protect. However, everyday is a balancing act. In addition to supporting patients, pharmacists must focus on  improving the financial health of business. Moreover, pharmacy owners must be vigilant to defeat the issues consuming margins and operational efficiencies. Therefore, it is critical to understand the difference between giants and industry obstacles to avoid the Quixote Effect.

Retail Pharmacy “Windmills”

In order to find the real enemies of pharmacy, we must first identify the obstacles. To do this, there needs to be an adjustment in perspective. In short, “windmills” are the immovable industry foes we cannot change.They may take the form of reimbursements, DIR fees, Star Ratings, Patient Adherence, PMP, and MTM. It is understandable why these would appear to be “the giants” but they only skew our vision. Solely addressing these problems will distract from the foundational issues plaguing retail pharmacy.

What are the Pharmacy Giants?

So, what are the enormous enemies facing Independent Pharmacies today? They are the same ones retail pharmacy has faced for decades: low profitability and inefficiency.

Pharmacy Joust

The joust represents a precision weapon pinpointing weakness in operational inefficiencies.This weapon is often manifest in the reporting features of a pharmacy software. Unfortunately, like weapons, not all pharmacy systems’ capabilities are the same. Pulling reports are great but do you know what you are looking for? Does your pharmacy system work for you to optimize margins with every transaction? Do your reports identify how to fix the problem and when you don’t have those answers, is the solution a call away?

This is the Giant Slayer

RxMaster is a collection of long time pharmacy professionals. We understand how to reduce the complexity of current demands. More importantly, that knowledge is built into the pharmacy software system. RxMaster has laser focus on the details that add up to money in the bank at the end of the month. Above all, it’s the perfect blend of technology coupled with a working relationship.  When you purchase RxMaster, you are purchasing a team focused on your success.

A Happy Ending

Let’s face it, we’ve all been Don Quixote at some point in the life of our business. Are you ready to change your perspective? Focus on a more positive outcome. After all, you deserve it!  Slay the “giants” of Independent Pharmacy. Become profitable and efficient with RxMaster Pharmacy Software.