Navigating insurance plans, prescriptions and medication schedules can be stressful, but a good Pharmacist can help.  A Pharmacist can help a confused patient make sense of their medications. They can act as a liaison between the patient’s  doctor and insurance company to make refilling prescriptions simple and hassle-free.  They can also be a live person to ask questions of regarding medications.   Independent Pharmacist’s are perfectly set up to connect with their customers and give them live person-to-person advice.  Instead of fighting with insurance companies, pharmacists should focus on being a quality resource to their customers.  Do the right thing and most customers won’t forget.  We tend to want to think loyalty is dead, but help a patient instead of just filling a prescription and chances are they will be back.   And, guess what?… You did not need to robo call them or send a dime in a mailer to get them to come back in.  You just need to do what most Independent Pharmacists like to do any way, help a customer.  We suggest running an “Ask Your Pharmacist” campaign in your pharmacy.  Invite your customers to interact with you.  Then document the success.  When you help a customer, get them to give you a testimonial and share that testimonial everywhere you can.  Bring back the lost art of customer service and word of mouth advertising.  Give it a try, you might be surprised at the results!  This article is not to suggest that you should not be collecting emails and texting as part of your marketing efforts and maintenance of the relationship with the customer because these are also recommended and can work as great reminders, but we do suggest getting back to the basics and harnessing the powerful of word-of-mouth advertising.  Be known as the “Pharmacist Who Cares”…the one that answers questions and isn’t an automated mail order recording and we think you might just be surprised at how many people appreciate your efforts.