One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote your pharmacy is to be the local pharmacy expert.  Most local media outlets have an “Ask The Expert” type of promotion you can take advantage.  These are typically priced very reasonably because you are offering something of value to the media’s audience and therefore they tend to discount ad cost on this type of advertising.  As a local pharmacist this is perfect to promote you and your pharmacy as the local pharmacy of choice.  You want to be the pharmacy that people know and trust.  By being the local expert, you can show your knowledge and earn the trust of the local shopper at a fraction of traditional ad dollars.  Also, be smart and negotiate a way to use the segments in your own social media and possibly customer relations marketing efforts like email or enewsletters as well.  Your goal should be to become the media’s local expert and resource for pharmacy related issues.  You may want to host educational classes to help promote you as the local pharmacy expert.  Good topics might be diabetes education or healthy shopping, eating and cooking ideas.  Be creative with media…maybe offer to give a Pharmacist Tip of the Week?   Many times the media needs reliable information and that may mean free PR in exchange for a valuable tip for their viewers.  It’s all about differentiating your pharmacy from the chains.  Make it personal…be the expert…and let the public get to know and trust you.  We suggest trying this more grassroots approach to your overall marketing.  We think you will be surprised at the results.

So, you are thinking this all sounds good, but who has time for this.  Just google Ask The Expert.  Most likely you will find a local TV station that offers this type of promotion.  Contact them and let them know you would like to be the local Pharmacist expert.  Most likely there will be a fee for the program, but we think you will be surprised at how much less it is than a traditional TV spot plus it invokes trust and can be used in a multitude of ways.  Go luck!  Create Some Buzz For Your Pharmacy!  Be The Local Expert!