So here’s our Wednesday HUMP day advice.  FOCUS….FOCUS…FOCUS!  We know Independents are frustrated with 3rd party reimbursements and it’s easy to want a quick fix and to try many things.  The problem is you become a trier of many and a master of none, so you do not see improvement.  Our suggestion is to focus.  Focus on one or two financial reports that best indicate how your store is doing.  We see stores running so many reports that they don’t have time to compare and analyze and what happens is they just get confused or often reports start to contradict each other.  One of the best reports you can run is a low profit report.  You must eliminate low profits to stay in business.  Second, you must maximize reimbursement.  At Rxmaster, we love helping customers with this one and they love us when we can help them with this.  Finally target and retain your customers.  This should be a very targeted, uncomplicated and consistent marketing campaign utilizing your own CRM tool if at all possible.  The more third parties you use, the more customer data is shared.  If you are using  a third party, find out how secure the data is and are you making sure your customers have given you permission to send their data outside your store.  What is the real cost?  These bills can be confusing!  Watch out you will spend a lot of money with little return if you are not careful.  Lots of things to thing about here.    Hopefully, you have a trusted pharmacy software partner that can help you navigate through what you might really need and what might just be another expense.   A really dedicated software provider might even pull a report for you and help you analyze it and make proper adjustments right on the spot.   Yes, we will do that too!   At RxMaster, we love to help our customers utilize the features in our system.  And, we really love when we can help our customers implement something in the system that really does make a difference in their bottom line.  At RxMaster, we want to help.  Give us a call 877-433-7600!