The situation is in 2013, Medicare will begin to penalize hospitals that have high rates of preventable readmissions. Research shows us the largest culprit in readmissions can be traced to improper drug usage stemming from improper communication about the drug to the patient to the patient’s lack of taking the drug as prescribed.

Hospitals will not welcome any prospect of lost income and must start enlisting the help of pharmacists to fill some of the gaps that can lead to medication errors and noncompliance with drug regimens. In addition, with the steady decline of pharmacy profits from the introduction of $4 generics to the undesirable PBM contracts that are being pushed through, Independent Pharmacies need a partnership like this to offer for additional revenue.  Pharmacies with quality pharmacy systems are already set up and ready for the most part to help hospitals with these issues of compliance and education.  This is a perfect time for Independent Pharmacies to work to develop better working relationships with local hospitals.  In addition, funding for such programs is possible when it is set up as a 340B drug purchase plan under the Department of Health and Human Services.