It’s that time of year again when everyone is talking about what they are thankful for and we wanted to chime in on the topic.  At RxMaster, we are very thankful for the independent pharmacists who use our pharmacy software every day to administer personal and professional care.  We strongly believe there is a reason why independent pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals out there, and we believe that is rooted in the relationship between independent pharmacists and their customers.  We know independent pharmacists have and will continue to be an essential part of the health care system because people desire to know and trust their pharmacist despite how a PBM might try to convince people otherwise.  Some just need to learn to stand up for that choice and not be bullied into impersonal, mistake-ridden, no-human-voice mail order.  After all, pharmacists are the medication experts, they typically have 7 years of education for it, and they can personally answer your medication questions!  The independent pharmacists we know assess patients’ symptoms, determine appropriate and inappropriate treatments for certain patient types, they monitor the medications that are selected and they know a patient’s name and history. They understand disease states and their causes and they genuinely want to help a customer feel better!  You can often call them after hours or expect to get a personal note from them.  They are usually the pharmacist you see sponsoring your local baseball team or charity run!  Independent pharmacists are taught that medications are to be taken seriously!  Each prescription has its own way of helping the body, with intricate mechanisms and balances that work with exact physiological pathways with years of research and testing. With this  flow into the body, there is also inherent danger. As easily as beneficial pathways are activated, harmful effects can be activated. Multiple medications compete for the same pathways in the body and can lead to adverse reactions. And so, who do you want to be responsible for keeping this straight?  We are going to assume the independent pharmacist who knows your name and your history is who most would prefer if given that choice.

It’s  been a tough road lately for the independent pharmacist and often they spend more time fighting with a PBM to get paid above net cost and not sell at a loss than doing what they love which is taking care of and advising patients.  Consider this…no other industry on the planet does not have the ability to determine what they get paid for a product.  And, better yet  a middleman determines it for them.  Just some food for thought.  Be thankful for your local pharmacist! They are long lasting relationships and in the end they are who you want to call in the middle of the night when you really need to know about a prescription.  So, today we say thank you to all the independent pharmacists out there.  Don’t give in, you are needed and appreciated!