Most successful Independent Pharmacies have a niche.  Yes, Independents typically know their customer’s by name, their children’s name and even their third cousin’s name.  Yes, customers feel confident their independent pharmacist knows their prescriptions and has their best interest at heart, but in today’s day and age that may not be enough to keep someone coming back to your pharmacy.  Focusing on home delivery can be an especially effective niche for Independent Pharmacy.  “We deliver even in snow” has a nice ring to it and can be invaluable for not just people who have difficulty getting to the pharmacy because of health, but for many busy professionals as well.  More and more families have multiple parents working or a single parent in the household and that means busy schedules with less and less time.  Free delivery can be a very attractive benefit for those with a busy lifestyle.  Does your pharmacy offer free delivery? And, if you do already offer free delivery, do you promote this as a benefit for a variety of patients?  Yes, it’s not just the person who doesn’t want to drive to the pharmacy who wants this service.  It is more and more the working professional that has to get kids to school before work, only has 30 minutes for lunch and has their evening already booked until 8pm that appreciates this service.

Most pharmacy systems have a robust delivery tracking and dispensing system within.  We suggest reaching out to your pharmacy software provider when looking to add delivery to your list of services .  Your software vendor should be able to help make your delivery service a viable and easy-to-execute part of your business.

And, don’t forget adding delivery also gives you an extra opportunity for marketing.  Make sure to wrap your delivery cars with your Pharmacy Name, Phone Number and website.  Also, put the words FREE delivery on it.  Your delivery vehicles should be a moving billboard for your pharmacy!

Free Delivery…we suggest giving it a try!  We think you will be surprised at just how much an added service like this can bring your bottom line!