At RxMaster, we have no doubt that your local Independent Pharmacist can give you confidence that the medications you are taking work and do not cause severe reactions when taken together.  How did we come to this conclusion?  Well good research will show you this.  But, if we are being honest here, often times research can be skewed based on who is doing the research and what they want the research to support.  So, we suggest just applying common sense to this statement.  Are you more comfortable with a pharmacist that knows you, your name, and most likely what medications you have at home?  Or, are you ok with a pharmacist who doesn’t know your name and never seems to take an interest in your health?

Your relationship with your pharmacist should be no different than your fitness trainer, doctor, hairdresser or auto mechanic.  These are all professions people tend to seek out people to do work in that they know and trust.  You should look to them for guidance in their industry and have confidence that because they know you and your circumstances they will give you good advice and look out for your best interests.  In our opinion, the #1 way to know if your pharmacist cares about you is if they take the time to ask you if you are taking other medications to make sure there are no concerns with interactions.  If your pharmacist has never asked you about taking other medications, this could be a sign you may need to consider a pharmacist who will.

Here at RxMaster, we know that if you are using an Independent Pharmacist there is a good chance you are also dealing with the owner of the pharmacy or at least someone very invested in the pharmacy.  And, the simple truth is, the owner is going to be very attentive in making sure you have a great experience and come back.   To them it is personal, they live in the town they operate in and they want to make sure if they see you in the grocery store, they know they met your needs and can strike up a conversation with you knowing that.  In a day and age when drug interactions and prescription drug misuse is way too common, we just simply ask why would someone not make sure they have a relationship with their pharmacist?  Why would you not be comfortable to ask questions and believe the person giving you answers has your best interest at heart.  Your health is not something you can afford to take lightly.  Be serious about where you get your prescriptions and who you trust to provide them to you.  We encourage you to try a local pharmacist today!